AURELION Release 23.4

Multiple usability improvements across AURELION and AURELION Manager are introduced with this version to make your processes more comfortable. 

  • Support for dSPACE Release 23-B has been added
  • Dooring tests for cyclist dooring prevention
  • Support for custom antenna pattern in radar simulation
  • 3D Library offers new animations for persons and a variety of large animals
  • Improved support for OpenDrive junctions
  • Increased performance when synchronizing 3D scenes with many traffic objects
Supported dSPACE Releases


  • RLS 21-A
  • RLS 22-A
  • RLS 22-B
  • RLS 23-A
  • RLS 23-B

To use this version, your Software Maintenance Service (SMS) must be valid until October 30, 2023, at least.

The AURELION Radar Sensor Model now allows extended parametrization of the antenna pattern in terms of magnitude and phase of the electric field component for the horizontal and vertical polarization.

Support for Custom Antenna Pattern in Radar Simulation

Electromagnetic waves can be described by frequency, amplitude, and phase. The phase of an electromagnetic wave represents the fraction of the periodic wave cycle up to a certain point in time. During propagation and reflection, radar waves are phase-shifted depending on time and material properties. The phase differences of superimposed electromagnetic waves determine the interference behavior and thus have a strong influence on the received signal (constructive and destructive interference). 

The antenna itself also influences the phase of the emitted and received signal, e.g., depending on material and shape. Often additional phase shift of the antenna is not isotropic but directional. Thus, a realistic radar sensor simulation must consider these phase shifts in its antenna patterns to produce accurate simulation output.

In this example (picture on the right), the first order side lobes of the pattern show a vastly different phase to the main lobe.

Cyclist Dooring Prevention

Dooring accidents are a common occurrence for cyclists in urban environments. This is typically due to people not paying enough attention. Having an active system based on environment sensors helps to reduce accidents involving vulnerable road users (VRU). 

To help you test your algorithms preventing such collisions, you can control the openness state of each door during simulation. To frontload EURO NCAP Tests, AURELION also includes NCAP Test objects. 

3D Objects

New Character Animations

To extended test cases for detecting persons with your perception algorithms, new animation states have been added to all characters. The animation can also be changed during run time.

Lane Mark Material Update

In the past, the wear-and-tear of our lane marks had repeating patterns. As this can lead to problems when testing lane mark detection, the material has been updated with the new Release to specify a parameter for wear-and-tear. The repetition has also been removed.

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