Webinar Recording: Mastering DO-178C Using Model-Based Design and Autocoding

May 28, 2015

Model-based design and automatic code generation are the most efficient methods for developing embedded system software and complying with the requirements of DO-178C. dSPACE’s modern code generator, TargetLink®, and its associated tool chain provide a unique development environment for embedded systems that will have an immediate impact on your software quality, process efficiency, and the certification process. Attend this webinar to learn more!

Instructors: Dr. Ulrich Eisemann, Senior Product Manager TargetLink, dSPACE GmbH, Hans Jürgen Holberg, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, BTC Embedded Systems AG and Dr. Jörg Herter, Senior Technical Consultant, AbsInt GmbH

Target Group: This webinar recording is aimed at developers and managers in the aerospace sector or similar industries who are interested in DO-178B/DO-178C and model-based development methods.

dSPACE, BTC Embedded Systems AG and AbsInt GmbH invite you to webinar recording on the use of model-based methods for DO-178C- and DO-331-compliant software development. 

  • How to use Simulink/TargetLink models to represent system requirements
  • How to automatically generate production-quality embedded software from model representations simply at the click of a button
  • How to verify and validate models, code, and executable objects by using various techniques like model-based testing, static analysis, and execution analysis
  • How to use automatic code generation and automated testing to simplify the certification process and compliance with the DO-178C standard
Moreover, the webinar will feature sophisticated verification techniques and tools from the TargetLink cooperation partners BTC Embedded Systems and AbsInt that will help you test and verify models, source code, and executable object code by means of model-based testing, static analysis, and other techniques that simplify the certification process.

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