Webinar Recording: Bring the Real World to your Virtual Test Drives

April 26, 2017

In this webinar recording dSPACE demonstrates how to use the dSPACE ASM tool chain to define test drive scenarios and import real map and traffic data into your test setup.

Instructors: Hagen Haupt, Section Manager Modeling and Hardware-in-the-Loop, Michael Peperhowe, Group Manager Engineering

Target Group: Architects, software integrators, and quality engineers who want to define test drive scenarios, both customized and backed by existing map and traffic data.

The definition of meaningful simulation scenarios including road descriptions, vehicle and traffic parameterizations as well as movements is a key factor for successful virtual validation of highly automated driving functions. The dSPACE simulation tool chain offers a variety of tools for scenario definitions based on requirements and for scenario imports from real world data. In this webinar you will learn:
  • How to define road networks from scratch based on test requirements using the ModelDesk road editor.
  • How to import real world data for road network definition from different sources such as navigation or HAD map data.
  • How to define vehicle and traffic object movements using the ModelDesk maneuver and traffic editor.
  • How to import traffic data from real world measurement data. GIDAS PCM access is also shown.

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