Living MBD (3/5) – Getting Rid of Code Reviews

June 05, 2019

In this webinar recording you will learn how to get rid of code reviews by frontloading all manual validation steps to the model level.

Instructors: Carsten Rustemeier, Product Manager TargetLink at dSPACE

Target Group: Developers, testers, project managers, and quality managers whose focus is model-based development of safety-critical embedded software using TargetLink

Model-based development is the common approach for software development in the automotive industry, including safety-critical systems. In addition to the automatic conversion of models to production code, it enables early verification and validation as early as the model level.
This webinar will show you the means and benefits of TargetLink in combination with further tools from the TargetLink Ecosystem for the model-based development of ISO 26262-compliant embedded software up to the highest safety level, ASIL D.

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