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To make the vision of #AutonomousDriving a reality, testing and validation processes require huge amounts of data.

To train their perception and navigation routines, self-driving vehicles are presented with testing footage and annotated objects like cars, pedestrians and road signals.

While these #annotations were done manually in the past, the increasing complexity of autonomous driving functions and validation requirements have multiplied the amount of required testing kilometers - and therefore the amount of objects to be annotated. To handle these billions of objects, understand.ai develops efficient solutions for automated annotation via artificial intelligence.

Watch our newest #InnovationCoffeeBreak, hosted by understand.ai, to learn how this automation can save you cost and time.

Are you interested in more information about the understand.ai automation engine? Then just head over to: https://understand.ai/

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Daniel Rödler

Daniel Rödler

Data Enrichment UAI

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