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See Today What's Coming Tomorrow

Example: Designing the architecture of new comprehensive control systems with the system architecture software dSPACE SystemDesk® at Denso Create.

Customer benefit: "SystemDesk has proven to be a useful tool for AUTOSAR-compliant architecture design and provides the necessary support for integrating function algorithms."
Masahiro Goto, Denso 1)

Automotive control software is becoming more and more complex. This presents developers with one new challenge after another. The answer comes from dSPACE: SystemDesk – the complexity cruncher, the tool that streamlines the development of automotive electronic systems and software architectures.

1) Masahiro Goto, Talking AUTOSAR, dSPACE Magazine 1/2010, pages 20 ff.

Getting Ideas Up and Running

Example: Developing the software of innovative ECU functions for engine and battery management with the prototyping system dSPACE MicroAutoBox® at Audi.

Customer benefit: "The MicroAutoBox does exactly what is expected of a prototyping system. You just load new controller software and immediately try it out in the vehicle."
David Vergossen, Audi 2)

It's often a long, hard road from an idea to the finalized control. Unless you know the short cut: With dSPACE high-end prototyping systems, function development is quicker and easier. In the laboratory, on a test bench, or onboard a vehicle or airplane. 

2) David Vergossen, Ions at the Start, dSPACE Magazine 2/2012, pages 12 ff.

100 % Efficiency, 200 % Speed

Example: Developing the onboard ECU software of satellites with the production code generator dSPACE TargetLink® at Thales Alenia Space.

Customer benefit: "Our evaluation of many code generators showed that TargetLink is the generator that suits our requirements the best."
Arnaud Dupuy, Thales Alenia Space 3)

Need to get highly-efficient C code for the ECU directly from the graphical modeling environment? It's easy with TargetLink, dSPACE's production code generator. First released in 1999, it has been used in countless production projects all over the world. TargetLink stands for efficient, modular development and is certified according to ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.

3) Araud Dupuy, Project Orbit, dSPACE Magazine 1/2013, pages 20 ff.

Testing ECUs on a Simulator

Example: Function integration tests with the dSPACE Simulator for a hybridized powertrain in the Touareg at Volkswagen. 

Customer benefit: Dependable function validation of safety-critical high-voltage components

Our dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators are relentless and infallible – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's an individual function, a system or an entire network that's being tested: No ECU error goes undetected. dSPACE HIL simulators shorten the testing process even when the testing depth increases. They ensure quality and save money.

Earlier Testing Without Hardware

Example: Pilot project for the virtual integration and testing of E/E vehicle systems with the offline simulation platform dSPACE VEOS at Daimler.

Customer benefit: Improved software quality before the target hardware is available.

Can you simulate and test ECU software without an ECU prototype? Of course – with dSPACE tools. You need no special test hardware, just your own PC. Everything is virtual yet totally realistic. To make sure your ECU software gets off to a good start.

Development Data Under Control

Example: Expanding the processes of developing embedded software with the data management software dSPACE SYNECT® at Audi. 

Customer benefit: Processes and data go together hand in hand.

An enormous amount of data is generated in model-based development. Managing it all is a huge challenge, and it gets bigger every day. SYNECT, the central data management solution, provides data consistency, traceability, and easy reusability.

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