dSPACE at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2022

June 21 - 23, 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany  

The ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo returns to Stuttgart, Germany on June 21, 22, and 23, 2022. Experience the latest technologies to enable and accelerate end-to-end autonomous driving and ADAS applications, including test tools, simulation, software, sensing, and AI.

Visitors can benefit from networking with international delegates and speakers from the adjacent autonomous vehicle technology conferences at a dedicated meeting point.

dSPACE hardware and software will be on show, and visitors will also have an opportunity to speak to dSPACE technical sales staff about current product innovations and solutions. Visit us in hall 6 at booth 6134.

More information: https://www.autonomousvehicletechnologyexpo.com/

Presentations of our colleagues

André Rolfsmeier
Director - strategic product management

June 23, 11:10 A.M 
Topic: Do you have the right data for AV development?

Petabytes of data are recorded during AV development and the costs for managing the data are immense. In this talk, we will explain how to explore, tag and manage huge amounts of data efficiently. By means of AI-based detectors, you will gain a deep understanding of what data you already have and what data is still needed to develop and test safety-critical perception and autonomous driving systems. Using our own data acquisition vehicle, we collect 30+ TBs of data per test drive. Our experience in automatically detecting defined traffic scenarios in real time during driving or in post-processing will be shared.


Nicolas du Lac

June 22, 3:40 P.M. 
Topic: From AD prototyping to ISO 26262 production-grade software

In just a few years, software has become a major keystone strategy for the automotive industry. The industry has realized that automated driving development is way more complex than initially expected and still represents a serious challenge in terms of performance and safety. This talk will explain how a data-driven development approach and a well-designed software framework can help speed up the development steps of autonomous vehicles with unprecedented performance, from the early stages of prototyping to testing, validating and deploying production-grade software, allowing developers to fill the gap from the code to the road.

Exhibition Highlights 

Data Logging

  • Comprehensive data capture with a high-performance logging solution
  • Unmatched flexibility and modularity to cover all interface requirements and changes
  • Scalability to cover most demanding  autonomous driving applications
  • Comprehensive data logging solution out of one hand

Sensor Data Management

  • Time savings in data preparation through efficient data search and selection
  • Intuitive user interface to make the usage easy and integration in the work processes smooth
  • Open API permits uncomplicated integration and extension
  • Easy data sharing for more efficient collaboration in data-driven development
  • Measurement data management across cost-optimized infrastructure

Data Annotation

  • UAI’s solutions include the UAI Annotator, a powerful annotation tooling covering the broad diversity of all regular sensor data formats and annotation types
  • The UAI Annotator and our annotation services enable you to perform billions of annotations in time, even in large projects while ensuring high quality for ground truth annotations. This resulting data is the “fuel” for your data pipeline in ADAS/AD development
  • UAI Anonymizer anonymizes more than 99 % of all identifiable faces and license plates quickly and cost-efficiently, in line with European GDPR, Californian CCPA, Chinese CSL, and Japanese APPI


Data Replay

  • Data replay solutions from dSPACE reproduce real-world recordings with maximum accuracy
  • The data replay solution is designed to be modular and open, so you can start your tasks immediately and easily adapt to future requirements
  • Save valuable resources by efficiently replaying only the data needed to validate your system through dSPACE's unique AI-based data selection, and by validating with resource-optimized testing tools.
  • Saving costs on validation infrastructure - use the same systems for data replay and closed-loop testing.

Cloud-based simulation & validation solution

  • Cloud-based simulation and validation solution for automotive applications
  • Seamless testing on SIL and HIL platforms with reusable models, scenarios, tests, and interfaces
  • Scalable testing in the cloud for faster results and broad coverage
  • Worldwide collaborative use on shared data
  • Open interfaces for flexible integration in customer processes

Testing & Training of Perception with Synthetic Data

  • Train, test, and validate your ADAS/AD perception algorithms with synthetic data
    • Physics-based sensor simulation
    • Sensor-realistic & deterministic
  • Reliable & trustworthy
  • Comprehensive interfaces
    • Real ECU
    • ROS, RTMaps, and more
  • Highest flexibility for sensor model integration
  • Rich library of 3-D assets

Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems for Autonomous Driving

  • Complete portfolio for closed-loop and open-loop testing of HPCs for autonomous driving
  • Sensor-realistic models for camera, radar, lidar, and ultrasonic sensors
  • Comprehensive residual bus simulation for automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN, and FlexRay

Connected Automated Vehicles

  • The optimal coupling of communication system and ADAS/AD simulation to test widest range of use cases
  • Scalable, cost-adaptive test solution, from entry level to high end
  • Perfectly tailored to address required country-specific protocols and technologies
  • Our connectivity solution supports major automotive development phases, from Rapid Prototyping, SIL and HIL testing, up to real test drives

Adaptive AUTOSAR

  • Modeling and simulation of Adaptive AUTOSAR applications with TargetLink and VEOS
  • Proven-in-praxis model-based development toolchains ensure efficient and reliable production software development also for ADAS applications
  • dSPACE has the best solution for the development and validation of (Classic and) Adaptive AUTOSAR software

Radar Over-the-Air Testing

  • Radar sensor tests, perfectly suited for autonomous vehicles
  • Black-box testing of a complete radar based ADAS/AD system
  • Over-the-air stimulation of a radar sensor with a bandwidth of up to 5 GHz
  • Reliable multitarget angle simulation of up to 20 radar objects in real time

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