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dSPACE Workshop: Validating Functions for Autonomous Driving

May 22, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany

Get in, enter your destination, and the car will handle the rest completely autonomously. The driver can either be entertained by the infotainment systems or prepare for the next meeting on the way – this is the vision of autonomous driving. The way to this ideal is closely linked to the ability to validate functions for autonomous driving.

To take into account the complex traffic situations and environmental influences in the validation process, all conceivable and unforeseeable situations must be simulated and incorporated into the development.

This workshop focuses on tools that enable the validation of functions for autonomous driving throughout the entire development process. In addition to demonstrating how to generate simulation scenarios from real-world measurement data, this workshop will show how driving functions can be efficiently validated with various test methods (SIL, HIL, cloud computing) and suitable sensor environment models.

The workshop takes place as part of the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2019 in Stuttgart, at May 22nd from 2 to 4 in the afternoon.

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