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Making Childbirth Safer

Xavier Brun (INSA de Lyon), 
Richard Moreau (INSA de Lyon), 
Minh Tu Pham (INSA de Lyon), 
Tanneguy Redarce (INSA de Lyon), 
Company: National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), Lyon, France
Published: dSPACE NEWS 2008/1, Feb 2008

Obstetricians and residents (trainee doctors) learn most of their craft in the delivery room itself. If problems occur during a birth, they use forceps and vacuum extractors to solve them, but this increases the risk of injury to mother and child. The only way this risk can be reduced is by years of practical experience. Soon, however, obstetricians and gynecologists will be able to hone their skills outside the delivery room, trying out manipulations on a new birth simulator called BirthSIM. ControlDesk and MotionDesk from dSPACE’s experiment software family are used to control and visualize simulated birth complications.

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