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Design of a GDI Engine Controller

Alberto Ferrari (Parades EEIG), 
Giacomo Gentile (Magneti Marelli B.U. Systems), 
Luigi Romagnoli (Magneti Marelli B.U. Systems), 
Giovanni Stara (Magneti Marelli B.U. Systems), 
Company: Magneti Marelli B.U. Systems, Italy
Parades EEIG, Italy
Published: dSPACE NEWS 2002/3, Nov 2002

The design of powertrain controllers is among the most challenging problems in automotive electronics because of the complexity of the functions that the system has to support, like safety aspects, and tight cost limits. Time-to-market requirements and continuously changing specifications have contributed to the migration of most functions to software implementations. Magneti Marelli Powertrain is developing a model-based design methodology clearly defined by a set of successive refinement steps from a level of abstraction as high as possible down to the details needed for the final implementation. In this methodology framework, TargetLink has been successfully used.

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