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Infotainment HIL Simulator at Audi

Markus Ritzer (Audi AG), 
Company: AUDI AG, Germany
Published: dSPACE NEWS 2007/3, Sep 2007

Car buyers nowadays can expect to find an optimum onboard functionality mix of information, entertainment, and communication, collectively known as infotainment. To test the fault diagnostics capability of networked infotainment components in its A4/A5 series, Audi uses a dSPACE Simulator combined with a MOST® interface (based on SMSC OptoLyzer) and 152 original infotainment components. Using the dSPACE Simulator, Audi can switch back and forth between all the different component configurations, simulate faults, and simulate LIN/CAN ECUs in restbus simulation – with a minimum of configuration work and the highest possible testing speed.

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