XIL Cross Tests

XIL API Enables Easy Exchange

In the automotive sector, various vendors offer a selection of development tools, which gives developers of electronic control units a choice between a wide range of test tools and test platforms to set up their tool chain. To allow development teams to always meet their needs and choose best-in-class products, they must be able to mix and match products from different vendors without costly integration efforts. For this reason, the generic simulator interface XIL API is implemented on test tools and test benches, enabling easy data exchange between products of different vendors.

Why XIL Cross Tests?

The interoperability of XIL API-compliant products is checked on a regular basis. For this purpose, the major vendors of development tools for automotive applications meet to carry out cross tests on their products. During these tests, they connect their test tools to third-party test benches to evaluate if their test software is able to communicate with test hardware from other manufacturers without issues. In addition, cross tests are also a good opportunity for the active XIL API user base to discuss and process potential issues related to the standard, thus enabling its continuous improvement.

Last Cross Tests Demonstrated Good Interoperability

The first cross test successfully took place at dSPACE GmbH in Paderborn in 2016 and demonstrated a good interoperability of test tools and test benches using XIL API interfaces. The tests covered a wide range of use cases and functionalities of the Model Access Port (MAPort), which were defined by end users and tool vendors of the XIL API workgroup. In the project, a vendor-independent test suite was developed based on NUnit together with a Test Result Reporter.

The following test functionalities were evaluated systematically:

  • Processing metadata and initializing/de-initializing the Model Access Port
  • Reading and writing variables (of different types)
  • Sophisticated capturing of signals (including triggers), and signal generation

The following companies joined dSPACE in this cross test event:

  • Volkswagen AG
  • carts GmbH/MicroNova AG
  • embeddeers GmbH
  • National Instruments GmbH
  • TraceTronic GmbH
  • Vector Informatik GmbH

In October 2017, National Instruments hosted another major cross test event in Munich. While the initial cross test at dSPACE concentrated on MAPort functionalities, the working group now focused on the Electrical Error Simulation Port (EESPort). Test cases addressed at this event included testing wiring errors, such as loose contacts, short circuits, and broken wires. Like the first event, this cross test was also a great success. All four server implementations passed 100% of the ASAM NUnit tests for the EESPort.

Learn more about the latest cross tests carried out at dSPACE and at National Instruments in detailed reports on the related ASAM websites:

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