Overview of Tools

The dSPACE tools interact smoothly throughout all development steps. No matter whether you are developing software functions, modeling vehicles, environment sensors and traffic scenarios, or running virtual test drives on PC clusters. 

AUTERA – Data Logging and Prototyping System
  • Robust in-vehicle system with highest performance
  • Best-in-class measurement bandwidth (50 Gbit/s)
  • Camera, radar, lidar, and vehicle bus interfaces
  • Optional hardware accelerators for data processing and AI
Automotive Simulation Models, ModelDesk, and MotionDesk
  • Open real-time-capable Simulink models including configuration software for vehicle dynamics, driving maneuvers, road networks, and the traffic environment
  • 3-D online visualization of traffic scenarios
  • Sensor models outputting object lists for camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors, 3-D point cloud data and raw data to test mono, stereo and fish-eye cameras
DARTS (dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems)
  • Over-the-air simulation of radar targets and echoes for automotive radar sensors
  • Efficiently ensure the correct functioning of sensors and developed application software
dSPACE HIL Simulation Technologies
  • Wide range of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators, specific hardware components and related software for ECU testing
  • Integration options for camera, radar, lidar, ultrasonic, V2X and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) sensors 
  • Testing complete chains of effect of ADAS and automated driving systems in the laboratory 
dSPACE Solution for Data Logging
  • Comprehensive high-performance solution for in-vehicle data acquisition, advanced data insight, and integrated data ingestion
  • Best-in-class computational power and bandwidth to capture all sensor and bus data
  • Complete control of all data logging campaigns and timely delivery from the vehicle to your data center
dSPACE Solution for Data Replay
  • Using recorded real-world data to validate the behavior of camera, lidar, and radar sensors in a hardware (HIL) environment
  • Testing perception and sensor fusion functions on ADAS/AD computing platforms with recorded real-world data in a hardware (HIL) environment
  • Testing perception and sensor fusion functions in a full software environment (SIL) prior to target deployment
Environment Sensor Interface Unit (ESI Unit)
  • High-performance FPGA for feeding raw sensor data to sensor ECUs in a synchronized manner
  • Flexible adaption of long- and short-range raw data interfaces
  • Support for lidar, radar, and camera sensors
  • Simulation of up to 12 sensors with 50 Gbit/s of aggregated bandwidth
MicroAutoBox III Prototyping Hardware
  • Compact and robust real-time system for in-vehicle use

  • High computation power with quad-core ARM® processor

  • Comprehensive bus and network support

  • Functional safety monitoring features

  • Extension and combination options, e.g., optional MicroAutoBox III Embedded PC and AUTERA hardware for autonomous driving applications

RTMaps – Real-Time Multisensor Applications
  • Diagram-based development of multi-sensor applications under Windows® and Linux on x86 or ARM® platforms
  • Comprehensive component libraries for sensors, vehicle networks, and data processing
  • Easy integration of C++, Python and Simulink® code
SCALEXIO AutoBox Prototyping Hardware
  • Modular, high-performance real-time system for in-vehicle use

  • Up to 7 slots for SCALEXIO I/O boards

  • 1 system slot for the DS6001 Processor Board

  • Integrated power supply for 12 V, 24 V, and 48 V electrical systems

  • Designed for in-vehicle use under rough environmental conditions

Scenario Generation by understand.ai and dSPACE
  • Creation of realistic scenarios based on recorded real-world data for large-scale testing of autonomous driving functions
  • Testing critical situations and edge cases
  • Ready-to-use scenarios for the dSPACE simulation tool chain
  • One-stop solution for scenario generation and large-scale simulation
Sensor Simulation PC
  • High-performance simulation platform
  • Validation of functions for ADAS and autonomous driving
  • Execution of demanding sensor models
Sensor-realistic Simulation
  • Try it now: Register to test a first, free evaluation version of the future dSPACE solution for sensor-realistic simulation
  • Highly accurate environment sensor simulation, including high-end visualization, for testing and validation in real time – or even faster
  • Highly accurate environmental sensor simulation
  • Simulation of the physical phenomena and properties of a sensor
  • Radar, lidar, and camera sensors
  • Virtual test drives with autonomous vehicles
Simulink Blocksets for Vehicle Networks and ADAS
  • Connecting CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet to dSPACE real-time platforms
  • Access to electronic horizon (ADASIS v3, ADAS RP/HERE) and wireless ad hoc V2X communication
  • Interfaces to RTMaps from Intempora, EB Assist ADTF, and Spectracom’s GNSS signal generator 
SYNECT – Data Management Software
  • Infrastructure to support validation of functions for autonomous driving on MIL, SIL, and HIL
  • Central management of test scenarios and related data such as simulation models, signals, and parameters
  • Integrated variant management
  • Support for PC clusters
UAI Annotator
  • High-quality, high-throughput annotation tooling based on Zero-Touch Annotation™ Automation
  • Bounding Boxes, semantic segmentation, polylines
  • Proven quality and high performance
  • 3-D excellence and the world's fastest point cloud rendering
  • Secure web-based SaaS with low system requirements and 24/7 uptime
UAI Anonymizer
  • Fully automated image processing powered by AI
  • High coverage rates and image throughput
  • Available on premise or as a cloud service
  • GDPR1)-compliant by design
1) GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation (European regulation on data protection)
VEOS – PC-Based Simulation Platform
  • Validating ADAS and automated driving functions by means of stimulus tests and closed-loop simulation on standard PCs
  • Support of any number of virtual ECUs and Simulink® models and of the AUTOSAR, FMI, ASAM XCP and ASAM XIL interface standards
  • Simulation faster than in real time, and on scalable PC clusters


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