Virtual ECU Testing

Virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) provide function developers with a solution for testing their ECU software, including the communication between the ECUs, before hardware prototypes are available. For this, dSPACE VEOS acts as the simulation platform. Running on a PC, it is available for every developer.

With the Bus Manager, dSPACE provides a versatile tool for configuring your bus communication and transferring it to VEOS. It lets you specify all the settings and configurations required throughout the entire development process with one single tool. The final configuration can be exported as a bus simulation container (BSC) and transferred to VEOS. In this format, you can reuse your original bus configuration for all subsequent simulation scenarios.

The seamless tool chain provided by dSPACE has clear benefits for your entire workflow: Using the Bus Manager for both virtual ECU testing and HIL simulation, you can eliminate possible error sources as well as the need for additional training sessions. Thanks to VEOS, you can run your bus simulations on a PC in a faster and less expensive way, resulting in an even more efficient development process. Virtual ECU testing thus helps you achieve a high software quality even before you start with the subsequent HIL tests. In addition, you have the same possibilities as with real ECUs – you can monitor, log and manipulate variables during run time easily with dSPACE ControlDesk, and you can carry out restbus simulations. 

Supported Bus and Network Protocols

For virtual ECU Testing, the dSPACE products support the following communication protocols:

  • CAN
  • LIN

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