Enabling Continuous Testing (CT) for XIL Testing
Integrating and testing ECU software – with continuous integration (CI).

Enabling Continuous Testing (CT) for XIL Testing

The complexity of embedded control functions in vehicles and other applications has been growing steadily for many years, and topics such as autonomous driving are additionally fueling this development. Only with highly efficient and at the same time highly flexible processes and tools can the demands placed on development and validation be met at all. With comprehensive support for agile methods, particularly continuous integration (CI), dSPACE is your reliable partner for simulation and validation.

Agile development and validation consist of interlocked CI pipelines: one CI pipeline for the actual functionality of the system under test and one CI pipeline for the simulation environment, which itself contains several subelements, such as models, bus communication descriptions, etc. These then interlock and culminate in the validation of the real or virtual ECU in a CT pipeline for validation. Reliable, end-to-end tool chains are required for each of the pipelines, to continuously develop and deploy the required artifacts.

Our Solution Offer

dSPACE provides tools for highly efficient development and validation of ECU software and simulation environments. The dSPACE tools can be easily used as part of our customers’ continuous integration (CI) environments. Our dSPACE engineering and process consulting teams can advise you on the best way to introduce the dSPACE tools in your processes and environment. Benefit from dSPACE’s powerful tools and experience together with successful processes to meet your time schedules and quality goals.

For CI, dSPACE offers solutions for the system-under-test (SUT) pipeline, the simulation environment pipeline, and the validation pipeline.

A general overview of the related dSPACE solutions and consulting services can be found below. Examples showing the respective CI pipelines can be found further below on this web page.

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