TargetLink AUTOSAR Support

TargetLink supports the generation of AUTOSAR compliant code, and files generated by AUTOSAR authoring tools can be imported into TargetLink. With the TargetLink AUTOSAR blockset, information from the files can be referenced and used during code generation. Simulations are run to validate the behavior of the model and the generated code. Finally, TargetLink generates AUTOSAR description files for import into other tools.

  • System engineers, software architects, and software developers
  • Required: Experience with TargetLink and the TargetLink Data Dictionary as well as basic knowledge of the software component template of the AUTOSAR classic platform

  • Import, export and modify the AUTOSAR information in TargetLink and the TargetLink Data Dictionary
  • Design models with the TargetLink AUTOSAR blockset
  • Validate the behavior of AUTOSAR models by simulation
  • Learn the role of TargetLink in the workflow according to the AUTOSAR classic platform

  • TargetLink AUTOSAR blockset
  • AUTOSAR fragment from the TargetLink Data Dictionary

  • Importing and exporting AUTOSAR data
  • Modifying AUTOSAR information in the
  • TargetLink Data Dictionary
  • How to use the TargetLink AUTOSAR blockset
  • Simulating AUTOSAR models
  • Interaction between TargetLink and SystemDesk

DatesLocation and time Fee per person
August 17, 2022 Virtual Class only $ 1200 USD
November 11, 2022 Virtual Class only $ 1200 USD

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