End-of-life announcement DS1007 PPC Processor Board

The end-of-life date is December 31, 2024.

End-of-Life Information

The end-of-life date is December 31, 2024. As of this date, no services of any kind will be available for DS1007 PPC Processor Board. You can still buy the related products up to and including December 31, 2021. New Releases of dSPACE software will still support theDS1007 PPC Processor Board for modular systems until at least the end of 2023. We advise against using DS1007 PPC Processor Board for modular systems in new projects. 

Services Until / Date Last Release
End of life announced Mar 2020  
Product can be purchased Dec 2021  
New revisions provided Dec 2021  
Repair service provided Dec 2023  
Software support provided Dec 2023 Release 2023-B
Bug-fixes for supporting software Dec 2023  
Customer support services provided Dec 2024  


For new projects we recommend that you use SCALEXIO, the latest dSPACE technology for modular real-time systems.

SCALEXIO is available from small to large laboratory and in-vehicle systems. It provides very high processing power, modern I/O, bus, and network interfaces. It is entirely software-configurable, which lets you adapt to changing requirements flexibly and easily. The SCALEXIO-based real-time systems can be connected to your existing PHS-based dSPACE systems.

If you have any questions or need further information, your contact in the dSPACE sales team will be glad to help.


Migration Information

SCALEXIO is supported by the established dSPACE toolchain. When you work with SCALEXIO, the real-time application is generated with ConfigurationDesk instead of Real-Time Interface (RTI). The Simulink model is linked to the I/O configuration in ConfigurationDesk via model port blocks. You will find valuable information about the main differences and migration aspects in dSPACE Help: Model Interface Package for Simulink > Modeling Guide > Information for Former RTI Users.

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Date 2020-03-30
Product DS1007 PPC Processor Board
Information Type Notifications
Information Category Discontinuation
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