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Python 2.7 from Release 2015-A


Python 2.7 setup from Release 2015-A

Problems Fixed by This Patch

When the following error message is observed, this Python 2.7 version will solve the problem:

Python for .NET: Fix import error 'DLL load failed: Invalid access to memory location.' during call of import clr.



Installation Notes & Download

Self extracting ZIP file.

Download Python27_RLS2015-A.exe to a temporary directory and execute it to extract the contained files.

Execute install.bat to install Python 2.7.


Date 2015-05-15
Software Type Experiment and Visualization Software, Test Automation Software
Topics of Interest Python
Product AutomationDesk, ControlDesk, Platform API Package
Information Type Patches
Information Category Troubleshooting
dSPACE Release 2015-A