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TargetLink Data Dictionary in a Multi-User Environment

TargetLink, the automatic production code generator from dSPACE, is fully integrated in the MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® environment and performs highly efficient C code generation for microcontrollers in electronic control units (ECUs).

During ECU development, TargetLink is often used by multiple users in one development department. The users work on different models simultaneously, which are finally combined into one ECU application. Special support must be given to such multi-user environments since administering the data and keeping it consistent is an important objective.

The TargetLink Data Dictionary (TLDD), which was introduced with TargetLink 2.0, provides new features for supporting multi-user environments. This application note describes how to set up TargetLink in a multi-user environment to ensure a consistent workflow for all users and how to work in that framework.

Date 2006-01-15
Software Type Production Code Generation Software
Product TargetLink
Information Type Application Notes
Information Category Working with
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