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Test Management Event Script

The TMEventScript is a tool automation utility that shows which events are raised when working with SYNECT Test Management. These events can be used to subsequently perform automated steps by calling custom Python scripts.

Please note
This script is part of the standard installation of SYNECT and only available for customers. The standard installation path of the script can be found in the table below.

SYNECT Version Standard Installation Path
<My Documents>\dSPACE\SYNECT\<SYNECT_Version>\Demos
1.4 <My Documents>\dSPACE\SYNECT\1.4\TestManagement\
1.3 <My Documents>\dSPACE\SYNECT\1.3\TestManagement\ ToolAutomation\

Date 2014-12-16
Software Type Data Management Software
Product SYNECT
Information Type Utilities
Information Category Working with, Functional Extensions
dSPACE Release SYNECT Release