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Realistic Virtual RDE Drives

The Task

Simulate real driving emissions (RDE) tests early on in the development process on the basis of measured vehicle data.

The Challenge

Get insights into the emission behavior of a vehicle under RDE test conditions, even in early development phases. Understand the influence of varying environment conditions and driver behavior. Use measurement data for realistic vehicle dynamics simulations.

The Solution

With the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Model (ASM) tool suite, RDE tests can be simulated virtually on rural roads, highways, and urban areas as well as complex surrounding traffic, applying different driving scenarios. The data captured during real test drives is used to make the simulations as realistic as possible. For this, the ASM tool suite supports importing map data as well as satellite navigation data. Altitudes, slopes, and lanes are also considered for simulating realistic maneuvers. The vehicle dynamics and environment simulation can be executed with an engine test bench to evaluate the actual emissions of the real combustion engine.

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