Crank-Angle Synchronous Fuel Pump

The Task

Validating the ECU control algorithms for crank-angle synchronous high-pressure fuel pump systems.

The Challenge

Processing time-critical I/O signals of the ECU accurately is a crucial requirement for fuel pump simulations. Especially in variable valve train applications, certain events can miss the predefined capture windows. During the discretization of the signals, this can lead to misdetections and as a consequence to an incorrect determination of the fuel quantity delivered to the rail.

The Solution

The fuel pump model of ASM is compatible with the I/O of all dSPACE real-time platforms and designed for accurate data capturing. Thus, the user does not need a deep understanding of the I/O functionality. The fuel pump model detects the active pulse and determines the fuel quantity delivered at every capture point. Therefore, the exact timesynchronous trend of the rail pressure can be simulated. To improve the accuracy of the model, a delivery correction takes place at the end of a pump cycle.

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