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Coupling of Driving Simulators with a Driving Dynamics Simulation

The Task

Using vehicle dynamics models to generate the realistic behavior of a mechatronic driving simulator.

The Challenge

Driving simulators offer the possibility of subjective and objective observations of the vehicle behavior in specific driving situations. This behavior has to be simulated realistically depending on the driving situation. For this purpose, a virtual vehicle and its environment must be flexibly configured and executed in real time.

The Solution

The ASM Vehicle Dynamics model simulates the driving dynamics of a vehicle depending on the driving request. Axle drive, dimensions, and weight can be selected individually as well as important details for the design of the chassis. The simulation is performed either on freely defined routes or on routes imported from road maps. ASM Vehicle Dynamics supports switching between different components or parameterizations during operation for quick comparisons. This way, several differently parameterized or configured axles can be successively tested, for example. The vehicle dynamics simulation is performed on a real-time platform from dSPACE and can be connected to the mechatronic driving simulator via its interfaces.

Success Stories