Generate V-ECUs

The Advantages

  • Generate V-ECUs from production code for both AUTOSAR and non AUTOSAR ECU development
  • Flexibly create V-ECUs as needed, independently of whether you are testing a new application software functionality or the complete ECU code including a third-party basic software (BSW) application
  • Integrate V-ECU generation into your existing continuous integration tool chain and use V-ECUs that contain the latest release of the production code

Application Software Tests

As VEOS is a PC-based simulation platform, developers can test the latest production code directly on the computer. This makes it possible to directly validate the function code and application layer for V-ECUs without the need to integrate the complete basic software stack. The tests can be performed in open- or closed-loop test scenarios.

BSW integration

You can integrate basic software and its configuration (e.g., the COM stack or modules for diagnostics) as third-party basic software in combination with the application software in SystemDesk to generate a V-ECU that contains both BSW and application software. This V-ECU can be used to test the integration of both the application and the production code of the basic software.

Continuous Integration

The V-ECU generation process can be integrated into existing tool chains by automating the V-ECU configuration and generation. The generation process will always provide V-ECUs with the latest version of production code. Therefore, the V-ECU can be continuously integrated. In this scenario, every check-in of new code will trigger the generation of a new V-ECU build, including the latest version of the code. The V-ECU will then automatically be tested and the results are delivered to the developer or a database, and serve as input for further automated test and integration processes.

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