Use Case: Developing Electric Motor Control Strategies

Electric motors are commonly used in many industries. In the automotive industry, electric and hybrid electric vehicles play a major role in strategies for reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The large number of different electric motors and the need to integrate them into existing electric/electronic systems calls for highly flexible development systems. The scope, flexibility, and performance of the I/O interfaces determine whether they can support the desired selection of electric motors and sensors.

Development Environment

dSPACE’s processor- and FPGA-based systems let you run even the most demanding electric motor applications. Furthermore, dSPACE offers specific I/O for MicroAutoBox III, MicroLabBox, and modular systems such as SCALEXIO AutoBox. The powerful I/O with on-board signal processing provides all the typical interfaces for connecting sensors and power stages to support BLDC and synchronous as well as asynchronous motors.

Advanced I/O functions provide PWM control patterns for both basic control methods, block and sine commutation. Comprehensive software support is available so that the full potential of the hardware can be harnessed. To achieve high productivity from the beginning, dSPACE supplies ready-made Simulink demo models with comprehensive control algorithms for BLDC and synchronous motors. 

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