Use Case: Chassis Control Development

When developing and testing new chassis control strategies, e.g., for higher driving safety, comfort and agility, high-processing power is needed to calculate the controller models. The wide variety of sensors and actuators used in chassis control applications requires high flexibility for the signal conditioning and power stage hardware.

Development Environment

For chassis control development, dSPACE offers signal conditioning and power stage capabilities through RapidPro hardware in combination with a dSPACE prototyping system (MicroAutoBox III or SCALEXIO AutoBox). This is an easy way for you to start developing chassis control strategies, because you can quickly adapt the sensors and actuators to your prototyping system. In this scenario, the RapidPro hardware works as an extension to the SCALEXIO AutoBox, which provides the high processing power and I/O interfaces. The RapidPro SC Unit and various signal conditioning modules offers I/O interfaces to typical chassis control sensors (e.g., pressure, acceleration, yaw rate). The RapidPro power unit provides dedicated power stages for driving actuators such as DC electric motors or valves. 

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