Testing ECUs or ECU Networks

Application Area

With a dSPACE HIL simulator, you can test either a single ECU or several networked ECUs together. The ECUs are connected to the simulator, which simulates the environment, including the interacting components, and inserts specific faults for testing purposes.

dSPACE simulators based on  SCALEXIO are scalable and extendable, so they can quickly be adapted to new requirements even in mid-project, for example, for system tests with modified ECU wiring. This modularity of the dSPACE hardware lets you configure the simulator for various applications.

The components of the ECU network that are not available are emulated via restbus simulation or virtual ECUs. This makes it possible to test various combinations of ECUs or ECU networks.

Possible Areas of Single-ECU Tests

  • ECU interaction between application software, basic software and ECU hardware
  • ECU requirements
  • Electrical error simulation (short to ground, etc.)
  • Diagnostic function

Possible Areas of ECU Network Tests

  • Bus communication
  • Energy consumption
  • Timing and interfaces
  • Arbitration of the ECU network
  • Bus gateway
  • Sleep and wake-up  functions

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