Use Case: Testing a Servo Controller


In this application, the software for a servo controller can be used for almost all electric motors in a power range from a few watts to several hundred kW. The ECU for the servo controller contains a wide range of functions that have to work with various configurations of motors, power stages, sensors and bus systems. A wide range of configurations have to be tested.


The test system has to cover a wide range of electric motor power variations. As real parts would necessitate time-consuming modifications to the test system, simulation models are used. They have to be as precise as possible.


A processor board, SCALEXIO EMH Solution, and a SCALEXIO FPGA board are used for the real-time simulation. The simulation models use components from the ASM Electric Components Library. The FPGA handles the time-critical I/O parts for the simulation model, enabling moderate sample rates.

The SCALEXIO EMH Solution is ideal for this application, as it offers emulation for almost all industrial position sensor systems such as resolvers, TTL encoders, sine encoders and Hall sensors, and also protocol-based sensors such as SSI, EnDat 2.a and Hiperface.

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