Testing Vehicle Dynamics ECUs

Application Area

Vehicle dynamics systems like ESP (electronic stability program) are extremely safety-relevant and require comprehensive HIL tests that make tough demands on the test system. This calls for a very realistic vehicle model.
Tests are carried out both on individual ECUs and on several networked ECUs, for example, for integrated chassis systems.
dSPACE has many years of experience in setting up HIL test systems for vehicle dynamics ECUs, and we give our customers every kind of support needed.

Example Aspects

The ECUs of vehicle dynamics systems perform plausibility and function checks after power-up. The sensor signals they receive are monitored very precisely. If the ECUs detect implausibilities or errors, they shut down immediately or enter restricted limp-home mode. The test system therefore has to meet tough requirements with regard to signal quality and signal type. For example, for wheel speed simulations, current interfaces with overlaid protocols have to be provided, valve current signals have to be captured, and all other sensors have to be synthesized properly to present the ECU with a realistic environment in any situation.
Handling the sensors and actuators integrated in the ECU enclosure also makes demands on the test system: For example, a valve signal detection unit is often integrated into the HIL system. These requirements are explained by the example below.

Possible ECU Testing Tasks

  • Function tests, control strategy validation
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Software integration tests (the overall functionality of the ECU)
  • Acceptance and release tests
  • Communication tests and tests on distributed functions (testing ECUs in the network)

Examples of Test Areas

  • ESP, ABS, ASR (TCS, traction control system) ...
  • Electronic parking brake and wedge brake
  • Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS)
  • Active/adaptive front steering (AFS)
  • Continuous damping control (CDC)
  • Interaction with mechanical test benches (see also the configuration example "Testing ECUs with Integrated Sensors and Actuators")

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