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Failure Simulation Package

Interface to dSPACE Failure Insertion Units

Application Areas

The Failure Simulation Package gives you quick and easy access to ASAM XIL-compliant failure simulation units. It provides API access according to the ASAM XIL API Electrical Error Simulation Port (EESPort) and uniform access to all dSPACE failure simulation systems.

High-level libraries for convenient failure simulation access are available in .NET and can be used in Python, C#, and any other .NET-compliant programming language. 

If you use dSPACE ControlDesk, the Failure Simulation Package offers an ASAM XIL API EESPort-compliant graphical user interface component that is available when the Failure Simulation Package is installed.

Functionality Description
  • Programming interface for accessing Failure Insertion Units
  • Uniform support of all dSPACE Failure Insertion Units
  • Automated configuration and switching of XIL API error configurations
  • Monitoring of error set switch demands via real-time variable allows cause-and-effect analysis in Failure Insertion Unit tests
  • ASAM XIL API EESPort-compliant software trigger support enables fast and precisely timed switching of error sets according to model variable states
AutomationDesk Client
  • Convenient and easy-to-use AutomationDesk library blocks for FIU automation
  • Uniform function blocks for any FIU that complies with the ASAM XIL standard
  • User interface for configuration in AutomationDesk with lists of valid parameters and validation checks
XIL API EESPort GUI in ControlDesk
  • Successor to ControlDesk’s Failure Simulation Module
  • Interactive graphical configuration of error configurations and error sets compliant to ASAM AE XIL API standard (EESPort)
  • Requires ControlDesk
  • Grouping and filtering with meaningful icons in ControlDesk's EESPort Configurations controlbar
  • Lists of valid parameters and highlighting of invalid configurations in ControlDesk

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