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Third-Party Tools and Services for TargetLink®

This page provides an overview of complementary products that support you in establishing a model-based development process and tool chain built around TargetLink.

Topic Product Company
Requirements tracing
  • TargetLink® in combination with
    Simulink® Verification and Validation
Guideline checks
  • MES Model Examiner™ MXAM
Model analysis and review
Model coverage analysis
  • BTC EmbeddedTester®
  • Simulink Verification and Validation
Test vector generation
  • BTC EmbeddedTester
  • Reactis®
Model-based testing
  • BTC EmbeddedTester
  • MES MTest™
  • TPT
Formal verification
  • BTC EmbeddedSpecifier®
  • BTC EmbeddedValidator®
Code coverage analysis
  • BTC EmbeddedTester
Run-time error analysis
  • Astrée
  • Polyspace Code Prover
Timing analysis
  • aiT WCET Analyzer
  • TimingProfiler
Stack usage analysis
  • StackAnalyzer
Requirements coverage analysis
  • BTC EmbeddedTester
Training and development platform
  • MEDKit on ARM – Motor Control Education Kit
ISO 26262 consulting services
  • MES ISO 26262 Consulting Services

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