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TargetLink® Blockset

Preparing a model for implementation

  • Block library for implementation-specific
  • Convenient dialogs for entering implementation-specific information
  • Handling large models with the Property Manager
  • Numerous Simulink blocks supported
  • Stand-alone blockset for free model exchange without having TargetLink installed

Extended Blockset

The Simulink blockset is very powerful in simulation tasks. It provides all the necessary specification features for the job. When it comes to code generation, however, more information is needed for each block. Moreover, the blocks need additional capabilities for fixed-point simulation. That is why there is a TargetLink block for each supported Simulink block. The TargetLink blocks significantly extend the functionality of the Simulink blocks.

Entering Implementation-Specific Information

The TargetLink Blockset provides a complete set of tools that allow you to prepare your model for implementation in a minimum of time. TargetLink blocks have an extended dialog that allows you to enter the implementation-specific information necessary for code generation. Each block also provides a means of data logging and overflow detection. A special routine automatically prepares Simulink models for code generation with TargetLink by enhancing the Simulink blocks.

TargetLink Blockset Stand-Alone

The TargetLink Blockset (stand-alone) is a license-free version of the TargetLink Blockset, which allows function developers to design their controller models directly with TargetLink. It can be used on any computer that has MATLAB/Simulink installed. With the TargetLink Blockset Stand-Alone, TargetLink models can be exchanged freely without the need for extra TargetLink licenses.

Rapid Control Prototyping

You can use the free TargetLink Blockset (stand-alone) to design and prototype your controller without a full TargetLink installation. TargetLink blocks can be used for rapid control prototyping on dSPACE hardware. Although the added functionality of the TargetLink blocks is not available in that case, the TargetLink Blockset lets you use the same models for rapid control prototyping and production code generation. Development iterations are thus easier to perform and less prone to error.