Multicore or Multi-Processing-Unit Applications

ConfigurationDesk gives you full flexibility in configuring a complex real-time application with a modularized modeling approach (the graphic shows only a selection of options).

Large, complex models can be distributed across multiple processing units, e.g., processor boards and processor cores to ensure the simulation runs in real time supported by more computational power. There are two possible workflows:

  • The first is to use separate behavior models for each core and import them to ConfigurationDesk. In this workflow the communication between the models is configured in ConfigurationDesk. If you are working with more than one model, ConfigurationDesk provides the Multiple Models view set.
  • In the second workflow, there is one overall SimulinkĀ® model for the entire application, and a model separation utility is used to specify which of the subsystems are to be computed together on one core. The overall model is then automatically split into separate model files. In this workflow, the communication between the models is automatically transferred from Simulink to ConfigurationDesk.

Multiple models can be combined to one process, and multiple processes can be assigned to each processing unit in ConfigurationDesk. Therefore, ConfigurationDesk grants maximum freedom and flexibility for the different modeling approaches. Especially when continuously integrating the models into the test framework the support of many models by ConfigurationDesk yields great advantages. 

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