AURELION Camera Model

Realistic simulation of a camera and the sensor environment

The optional ‘AURELION Camera’ model allows AURELION, the new dSPACE solution for sensor-realistic simulation, to realistically simulate a camera with a rectilinear or fish-eye lens and the corresponding sensor environment.

Application Areas

For simulating a full physical camera sensor, especially for the development of autonomous vehicles, the new camera sensor model designed for use with AURELION adds all necessary elements to the simulation. These include the camera objective, the image sensor, and the post-processing components. Furthermore, the model features numerous configuration options. For example, the model allows for realistic lighting by modeling light scattering functions from real-world materials and it makes it possible to simulate a complex lens. In addition, you can modify the image sensor behavior, and the model has various output modes and formats.

  • Realistic lighting: Scattering, transmission, absorption, reflection, refraction, etc. depending on materials and properties of the atmosphere (fog, rain, dust)
  • Lens simulation: Lens distortion, effects of the aperture
  • Image sensor behavior: Exposure time, color filter array, motion blur
  • Output modes and formats: YUV, RGB, RAW
  • Real-time post-processing plug-ins for additional image effects and output modes (e.g., noise and piecewise linear response)

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