Simulation for efficient suspension design and analysis

ASM KnC is a virtual test bench for efficient suspension design and analysis. 

Application Area

ASM KnC (Kinematics and Compliance) is a virtual test rig for designing and simulating wheel suspensions. Users can now run virtual tests for numerous vehicle variants and driving maneuvers to optimize vehicle suspensions and prepare them for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications.

  • Design and simulation of wheel suspensions on a virtual test bench
  • Import of suspension geometries from CAD sketches
  • Process parameters, such as spring-damper characteristics, from assembly data sheets
  • Preset configurations for common suspension types: McPherson, double wishbone, 3-link, 4-link or multiple-link suspensions
  • Suspensions can be combined with subframes
  • Automation interface for parameter studies
  • Support for twist-beam axles and flexible suspension struts
  • Higher level of detail for simulating ride comfort features, e.g., by calculating the subframe elasticity

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