ASM Brake Hydraulics

Real-Time-Capable Brake Hydraulics Model

ASM Brake Hydraulics models a complete ESP brake hydraulics system.

Application Area

ASM Brake Hydraulics is the model for simulating a standard ESP braking system from Bosch, Continental, ZF TRW, etc.

Hydraulics Model Concept

The brake hydraulics model consists of the master brake cylinder and the two independent brake circuits. The brake circuit system calculates the pressure in each wheel brake cylinder. Valves are used to control the flow of hydraulic fluid. The flow control valves are modeled as orifices with continuously controllable cross sections.

  • All valves, except the non-return valve, with continuously controllable cross sections
  • Model based on Bernoulli equation
  • Various types of valves included
  • Precharge valve with two different cross sections in open state. The cross section depends on the pressure difference.
  • Change-over valve with pressure relief function in closed state
  • Intake Valve
  • Exhaust Valve
  • Non-return valve

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