ASM Satellite

 Open Simulink models for simulating a whole satellite

  • Simulating attitudes and orbits of LEO, MEO and GEO satellites
  • Offline and real-time simulation
  • Model-based development of AOC systems
  • Compliance with ECSS standards
Application Area
The ASM Satellite Simulation Models are open Simulink models for simulating a whole satellite, including attached components such as solar panels. The relevant environmental conditions, such as the atmosphere, magnetic fields, radiation pressure, and the gravity of the sun, the Earth, and the moon, can also be simulated. Satellites can be simulated on different orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO).  
Key Benefits
The models are open for easy extension by users, and include all the sensors and actuators required for testing an AOCS. The models are ideal for use on a HIL system with dSPACE's test and experiment tools ControlDesk® (for experiment control), AutomationDesk® (for test automation) and MotionDesk (for 3-D animation). Offline simulation in Simulink® can also be performed to test controller algorithms in early development phases. 

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