ASM Gasoline Engine Basic

Real-time gasoline engine simulation model

Basic mean value engine model with combustion torque modulation.

The physical engine characteristics are represented by a mean value engine model with crank-angle-based torque generation, dynamic manifold pressure, temperature calculation, and an injection model. To simulate the engine in an automotive system (car or truck), the engine model incorporates a longitudinal drivetrain model with manual and automatic transmission, a clutch, a torque converter, a starter, and a test bench mode. Models for the environment and driver complement the virtual powertrain.

Features at a Glance

  • Up to 20-cylinder gasoline applications
  • Up to 4 injections per cylinder per cycle
  • Intake manifold with calculation of intake manifold pressure and temperature
  • Map-based turbocharger for boost pressure calculation
  • Fuel injection system with fuel tank model
  • Wall film evaporation taken into account
  • Driver (longitudinal) for standard cycles (FTP75, NEDC, J10-15, etc.)
  • Easy to expand into a comprehensive virtual vehicle by adding ASM Vehicle Dynamics
  • Simulation with real ECU in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems and simulated soft ECU in model-in-the-loop (MIL) simulation
  • Start/stop system support

  • Air system
  • Fuel system
  • Piston engine
  • Turbocharger
  • Drivetrain (simple)
  • Vehicle dynamics (longitudinal)
  • Environment (simple)
  • Soft ECU

Feature Gasoline Basic Gasoline Diesel InCylinder Gasoline InCylinder Diesel
No. of cylinders Unlimited 20 20 12 12
EGR Yes Yes Yes Yes
Map-based turbocharger Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Physical turbocharger Yes Yes Yes Yes
Common rail system Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pump nozzle Yes
Fuel injection Intake manifold Direct, intake manifold Direct Direct, intake manifold Direct
Wall film evaporation Yes Yes
Combustion modes Homogeneous Homogeneous, stratified Diffusion Homogeneous Diffusion
Exhaust system Basic variant Basic variant DPF, DOC1) Basic variant DPF, DOC1)
Soft ECU, engine Yes Yes 2) Yes 2) Yes 2) Yes 2)
Combustion simulation Mean value Mean value Mean value Physical Physical
Valve simulation Mean value Mean value Mean value Physical Physical
1) DPF: diesel particulate filter, DOC: diesel oxidation catalyst
2) Torque-based

  • ASM Combustion Engine Product Information, PDF, English, 6226 KB
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