ASM Battery

High-voltage multicell battery simulation for battery-electric and hybrid vehicles

Battery systems operating with the utmost performance are what makes electrified vehicles and other electrical systems efficient. Physically correct simulation decisively drives the development of batteries and battery management systems.


The tried-and-tested ASM multicell battery model assists you in the early phases of controller development and in the validation of control units. You can use it to complete component tests or simulate the performance of a battery system in the vehicle. It performs on SIL and HIL platforms.


  • Multicell model for simulating cell clusters (serial circuit)
  • Terminal voltage calculation
    • Ohmic losses
    • Dynamic behavior
  • State-of-charge calculation
  • Thermal model with temperature simulation of each individual cell
  • Supported battery types: Pb, NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion (depends on parameterization)
  • Simulation of unbalanced cells
  • Complexity and simulation performance of the model independent of number of cells
  • Multiple batteries can be connected in parallel
  • Support of dSPACE cell voltage emulation hardware (BMS HIL)
  • Support of the dSPACE Smart Charging Solution

Less demanding applications, such as the simulation of vehicle power networks, are supported by a dedicated battery model.

Use Cases

Overview of ASM Battery Use Cases.

Battery Management

Develop and test battery management functions.

Regenerative Brake System

Torque management for the regenerative brake system of an electric vehicle.

Charging Control

Developing and testing the DC charging process using a vehicle charging controller.

Emulating Battery Cell Voltages

dSPACE HIL systems support testing battery management systems.


Success Stories

Touareg Hybrid – electrified and electrifying

The Volkswagen Touareg's electric drives, power electronics, and traction battery have caused a significant rise in the complexity of the networked electronic systems.

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