dSPACE XSG Injector Emulation Interface Solution

Testing injection systems of spark-ignition engines

dSPACE offers the XSG Injector Emulation Interface Solution for testing high-precision injection systems of spark-ignition engines.

State-of-the-art injection systems evaluate the closing characteristics of the injector coil to achieve a precise injection. This is done by measuring the current and voltage profile of the injector. Due to the special closing characteristics, classical replacement loads or real injectors are not sufficient for testing these new injection systems. This is why dSPACE has developed the XSG Injector Emulation Interface Solution, which can be used together with a SCALEXIO system.

Key Features

  • FPGA Board (DS2655) and one electronic load module (EV1139) for each injector emulating the real currents and voltages of the injector connected to the electronic engine control unit (EECU)
  • FPGA model calculating the injector behavior
  • Supports tests for electrical fault simulation, such as tests for short circuits and cable breaks
  • Allows for the generation of functional faults to evaluate different kinds of information, from system behavior to emission values 

Parameter Specification
Emulation of the injector current flow
  • Parameterizable injector coil circuit (resistance, inductance incl. saturation effects and hysteresis)
  • Injection time measurement
Emulation of the feedback voltage in the closing phase
  • Look-up table (LUT)-based feedback voltage emulation, depending on:
    • Injection time
    • Rail pressure
Fault simulation
  • Defective injector (Failure LUT)
  • Ahead-of-time valve closing
  • Delayed valve closing
  • Ramp closing (instead of LUT)
Run-time tunability
  • All parameters can be changed during run time.

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