dSPACE Release 6.3
(Released in November 2008)

The main innovations in dSPACE Release 6.3 are outlined below:

Product Details

ASM 2.0

  • ASM Traffic
  • ASM Diesel Exhaust
  • ASM Engine Diesel InCylinder
  • ASM Engine Gasoline InCylinder

AutomationDesk® 2.2 (with Real-Time Testing 1.5)

  • Debugger
  • Evaluation library
  • Extension of COM API
Real-Time Testing:
  • Support of MicroAutoBox
  • Data replay performance enhancements

CalDesk® 2.1

  • ECU calibration and measurement via XCP on FlexRay
  • Automatically continue measurement when switching the ECU off/on
  • Support of CDF2.0 calibration data set format
  • Improved usability, e.g., rearrange axes in plotter by drag & drop

ConfigurationDesk® 3.0

  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements

ControlDesk® 3.3

  • Disable instruments/read-only instruments
  • New features of CAN Navigator: dynamic creation of CAN messages
  • DBC-based creation of RX and TX messages with layout generation
  • Support of mode signals

SystemDesk® 2.0

  • Support of AUTOSAR 3.0 and AUTOSAR 2.1
  • Simulation of software architectures
  • VFB level simulation and CAN bus simulation
  • Use of plant model via AUTOSAR integration
  • Stimulation of SWC ports
  • Simulation of DEM and NVRAM BSW modules
  • Calibration and measurement
  • Support for scalar elements and arrays
  • Support of CalMeas macros during RTE generation, generation of ASAP2 files
  • Improved bus support
  • Import of FIBEX 3.0 for FlexRay
  • Modeling of software architectures on top of pre-configured COM stacks

TargetLink® 2.3.1

  • 1st patch for TargetLink 2.3
  • AUTOSAR enhancements
  • Support for AUTOSAR standard 3.0
  • Frame model generation with client/server communication
  • New target support
  • TSM for Freescale MPC5561 and Diab Data Compiler
  • TSM for Freescale MPC5561 and Greenhills Compiler
  • TSM for Freescale MPC5561 and Metrowerks CodeWarrior Compiler

RTI FlexRay Configuration Package 1.12

  • Coupling of RTI FlexRay Configuration Blockset with RTI Bypass Blockset for XCP on FlexRay
  • Support of Logging and Replay for FlexRay signals
  • New RX Frame/PDU status information block
  • Sending of Wakeup Pattern
  • ID allocation to Frame/PDU for CRC configuration
  • Possibility to configure a Transmit-Startup/Sync Frame for RX-Pool

RTI Bypass Blockset 2.5

  • Function bypassing and real-time ECU access during HIL tests via XCP on FlexRay
  • Automated configuration of bypass interface via MATLAB® M-API

RTI CAN Blockset 2.6.7

  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 2.4

  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

RTI LIN Blockset 2.0.16

  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 1.6

  • Improved handling
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

RTI RPCU Blockset 1.9

  • Minor enhancements



MATLAB support

  • R2006a+
  • R2006b
  • R2007a+
  • R2007b+
  • R2008a
  • R2008b



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