CalDesk® 1.2

The main new features are described below.

New Features Details
Improved measurement options
  • Automatic insertion of various types of bookmarks
  • Option to measure ECU internal variables or adaptive parameters by means of polling rasters based on the PC timer without requiring DAQ service on the ECU
  • Measurement Data API for interfacing IDF dSPACE files to select variables and set time windows, and to save them as a new IDF, CSV, MAT or MDF file
New ECU interfaces
  • JTAG/OCDS support for TriCore via Generic Serial Interface
New Devices
  • CAN data output device to generate CAN messages
Improved instrumentation
  • Multistate LED instrument indicating status and other information
  • Option to show reference values in calibration instruments while the working page is active and to assign the values to selected variables
  • Several Plotter improvements:
    • Option for arranging signals vertically without overlapping
    • Scroll bar below the plotting area to navigate through the measurement buffer
    • Option to place xy cursors on different signals
    • Visualization downsampling
  • Improved Table Editor with tabbed pages allowing the connection of multiple curves or maps to one table instrument


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