Interface Solution for AFDX®

Product Details
Interface Solution for AFDX®
  • Can be used for rapid control prototyping or hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • The DS1005 PPC Board, DS1006 Processor Board, and multiprocessor systems are supported as processor boards
  • Configuration via DS4504 AFDX Basic Blockset
  • Necessary hardware: DS4504 board with 2MB DPMEM, ETX (embedded PC), CF(compact flash) card, and AIM FDX-2 PMC (AFDX PCI mezzanine) module
  • Communication with processor board via the PHS bus
  • IRIG time stamps, IRIG timer settings
  • Online enabling/disabling of virtual links and UDP ports
  • Single or redundant mode available
  • Standard AFDX and high-resolution virtual links
  • Up to 128 RX (receive) and 128 TX (transmit) virtual links per board
  • Up to 128 RX and 128 TX UDP ports (sample, queue, SAP) per board
  • Error detection and error injection supported on virtual link and UDP port level
  • Network selection features for redundant communication mode supported on virtual link and UDP port level
  • Further features (like HDD access for data logging, data preprocessing, customer functions, etc.) can be implemented by dSPACE engineering

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