Are you facing the following challenges? Why is Level-3 automated driving and higher still not available?

  • Safety: Fully automated vehicles shall independently master dangerous situations in such a way that no one is harmed.
  • Sensors: Automated vehicles use sensors to capture the environment. Their perception must work in every situation and under all weather conditions.
  • Artificial intelligence: AI evaluates the driving situation and makes decisions. This decision-making must be at least as good as that of a human driver.
  • Continuous learning: Each new system version must be just as safe as the previous one. It must never "forget" previously safe behavior.
  • Regulation: There is a lack of regulations and solutions that enable automated driving.
  • Social acceptability: The general public has to be involved in decisions about the introduction and adoption of automated vehicles.

Which key problems does the Digital Loop solve?

  • ADAS/AD functions for vehicles must be tested thoroughly so they can be deployed in accordance with legal regulations.
  • A shorter time to market for automated vehicles requires a reliable, safe, scalable, and reproducible development, testing, and deployment environment that complies with legal regulations.
  • Our Digital Loop approach combines continuous real-world data gathering and in-vehicle testing at scale with scenario-based validation to deliver safe automated vehicles.
  • Our digital loop is breaking new ground in the quest for autonomous vehicles that are accepted by the general public.

How do we solve the problems?

  • This showcase clearly demonstrates how the data-driven perception functions of the vehicle can be continuously updated in the shortest possible time in the event of an anomaly. The update process includes automatic diagnosis, data analysis, re-training, validation, and homologation to provide over-the-air updates. This end-to-end system is designed to be fully automated and highly scalable.
  • We provide an end-to-end solution and partner ecosystem for new sensor and software technologies to enable automated driving.
  • We make continuous validation and real-time over-the-air (OTA) updates possible to ensure functional safety along the entire product life cycle and incorporate leading-edge technologies like AI at the edge, 5G, and Azure as the hyperscale cloud.
  • We solve the challenge of continuous vehicle homologation and comply with legal regulations regarding automated driving (e.g., UNECE WP29).

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