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Seamless Tool Chain for Virtual Validation

VEOS: Automotive Standards for Openness

February 13, 2013: Virtual validation is the overall method of using PC-based simulation for validating, verifying and testing ECU software. dSPACE offers a complete tool chain for virtual validation with VEOS as the central simulation platform for the development and testing process. This means that tools and models which are commonly used in rapid control prototyping and HIL simulation can also be used in early development phases. Similarly, layouts and tests from HIL simulation can be reused in PC-based simulation with VEOS and vice versa.
Automotive Standards for Openness
Because VEOS supports automotive standards like XCP, HIL API and AUTOSAR, you can easily enhance your existing tool chain with it. And a change in your experiment or test software does not automatically mean that you will also have to change your simulation environment. VEOS is fully automatable and provides open interfaces for users to connect and utilize their existing tool chain. By deciding to use VEOS, you gain high flexibility and investment protection for new projects and challenges.

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