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dSPACE MicroAutoBox II: A New Generation of Prototyping

  • More processing power
  • Standard Ethernet interfaces for greater flexibility
  • Programmable FPGA technology for extra extendability
  • Powerful I/O interfaces for current applications
December 09, 2012: dSPACE proudly presents MicroAutoBox II, the advanced version of our long-running success story, MicroAutoBox. This flexible, open prototyping system combines Ethernet interfaces providing versatile connection options, an integrated FPGA board for application-specific extensions, and I/O interfaces that are faster and more powerful than ever. The MicroAutoBox's compact size, passive cooling, and other proven strengths live on in the new model. The permitted operating temperature is still -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F). Users can operate the MicroAutoBox II via the convenient RTI blockset just as they always did to test new control functions quickly on the real controlled system.
Key Features Compared with the Original MicroAutoBox
MicroAutoBox II1)
Processing power
800 MHz
900 MHz
Host interface
dSPACE-specific, e.g., DS815 Link Board
Standard Ethernet
Ethernet I/O interface
Standard Ethernet
Programmable FPGA
Xilinx® Spartan®-6
Long-running data recording
USB connection for external mass-storage devices
Analog inputs
12-bit with max. 100 kSPS
16-bit with 1 MSPS
Digital inputs and outputs
42 channels (16 inputs, 10 outputs, and 16 inputs/outputs)
80 channels (40 inputs and 40 outputs)
Automotive bus systems
4 x CAN, 2 x LIN, 4 x FlexRay
4 x CAN, 2 x LIN, 4 x FlexRay
Operating temperature
-40… +85 °C (-40 … 185 °F) (enclosure)
-40… +85 °C (-40 … 185 °F) (enclosure)
1) Different variants of the MicroAutoBox II are available, each equipped differently. Not all the variants have all the features listed here. To see which variants have the features you require, please refer to the product information or consult your dSPACE contact.

Product Information