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Simulating Complex Road Trains

Steered Vehicle Trailer for Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

A multi-trailer road train simulated with ASM Truck and ASM Trailer.

December 12, 2013: The dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASMs) have been further optimized for the realistic simulation of complex vehicle trailers. ASM Trailer now includes a complete dolly including a drawbar, and supports not only vehicles with semi-trailers or simple trailers, but also complex road trains.

The ASM car and truck models serve as the virtual tractor vehicles. ASM Trailer and ASM Truck can be combined to simulate road trains – trucks with two or more trailers. The trailer model is a modular multibody system that simulates several axles and a dolly with a drawbar, hitch ball joint and mechanical stop.

The trailers can be configured simply and conveniently with the graphical tool ModelDesk, even during simulation. ASM Trailer comes with a demo model so that simulation can begin immediately.


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