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SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution

Synchronous load motor control for test benches with dSPACE SCALEXIO

The SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution makes it possible to control multiple electrical drives synchronously with a SCALEXIO system.

In some HIL test cases, it is possible to access the electronic control unit (ECU) not only by its electrical interfaces. It it also possible to have mechanical access via electric load machines that mechanically simulate a passenger car’s steering wheel as a human-machine interface, for example. Depending on the requirements and applications, different load machines are used, such as rotary drives, spindle actuators, and highly dynamic linear motors. To deliver the desired values for these load machines in real time, a high synchronicity between the HIL simulator and the load machine controller is indispensable. 

Key Benefits

The SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution combines the advantages of the dSPACE-proprietary IOCNET networking technology with those of the established TWINsync protocol by LTi. Due to its fast communication, the solution offers a high-performance connection with very low latencies, which is needed to control load machines. The IOCNET technology also lets you use network nodes that are up to 100 m apart. Even in very large test facilities, all load machines can therefore be controlled dynamically and completely synchronously via the HIL simulation on the SCALEXIO system. 

Components of the SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution

The SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution provides an interface for the proprietary TWINsync protocol from LTi Motion GmbH, thus enabling highly dynamic control of one ore more LTi ServoOne motor controllers. Thanks to the installed IOCNET connection, full synchronicity of the connected load motor control can be achieved even in large test facilities at a distance of up to 100 m from the HIL simulator. The associated blockset makes it easy to configure the SCALEXIO TWINsync solution in ConfigurationDesk. 


With the SCALEXIO TWINsync hardware, two or more load motor controllers can be controlled via HIL simulation.

Powerful and flexible dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop simulator

SCALEXIO TWINsync hardware:
External housing with a DS2656 FPGA Base Board and a DS5451 Custom I/O Module as the interface to the TWINsync components. The IOCNET connection makes it possible to use TWINsync hardware up to 100 m from the SCALEXIO simulator.

LTi ServoOne:
Compact, high-performance motor control by LTi Motion GmbH for a high number of linear and rotary load motor systems from 2 to 450 ampere


  • EV1132 TWINsync Transfer Module:

Transfer element with spring terminals, e.g., to connect one or more remote sensor interface boxes (RSI)

  • EV1117 Remote Sensor Interface (RSI):

Highly sensitive measurement device for analog signal sources or torque sensors. 

Feature1)2) Specification
TWINsync interface 2
General purposes I/O for controlling (24 V reference needs to be connected) 8 digital relay outputs
General purposes I/O for reading 24 V 6 digital inputs
TTL encoder processing interface 2
SSI interface 6
EnDat 2.1 interface 6
dSPACE remote sensor interface (RSI) 6
Internal communication interface IOCNET
Typical power consumption 16.8 W
1) The I/O is divided into 2 identical galvanically isolated groups.
2) The TWINsync interface cannot be used in parallel with the SSI, EnDat, and RSI interface.

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