DS2907 Battery Simulation Controller

Power supply control for battery simulation

The DS2907 is used in SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulators. It controls the current and voltage values of the battery simulation power supply.  

Application Area

The DS2907 Battery Simulation Controller is used to control the current and voltage values of battery simulation in a SCALEXIO system. Control is performed by software.


Two battery simulation modules can be plugged onto the DS2907 to support up to two power supply units from different manufacturers like TDK-Lambda and Delta. Other power supply units can also be used.

Supported Power Supply

Units Two adapter modules are available for easier connection and wiring of different power supply units. No slot is needed for mounting it in SCALEXIO. An optical IOCNET connection acts as an internal interface.


Battery Simulation Adapter Module Supported Power Supply Units
DS2907M1 Adapter Module
  • TDK-Lambda Genesys 20V76A
  • TDK-Lambda Genesys 40V38A
  • TDK-Lambda Genesys 60V25A
DS2907M2 Adapter Module
  • Delta SM35/45 (with RS232 option – P183)1)
  • Delta SM15/100 (with RS232 option – P183)1)
1) Example of customer-specific solution. Further power supplies can be supported on request.

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