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dSPACE Simulator Full-Size

Modular simulator concept with off-the-shelf components according to your needs

dSPACE Simulator Full-Size is a very versatile hardware-in-the-loop simulator, offering a comprehensive range of adaption and configuration possibilities to meet customer-specific requirements. It consists of one or multiple racks, is up to 41 height units tall and uses standard processor and I/O cards, making adaptions easy. dSPACE Simulator Full-Size can be used for any application up to simulating a complete virtual vehicle.

dSPACE Simulator Full-Size is mounted in a 19” cabinet. Its height can be adjusted to your requirements. The dSPACE processor boards and I/O boards are mounted in a standard PX20 Expansion Box. The PX20 Expansion Box provides 20 slots for dSPACE boards. An additional Expansion Box can be integrated on request. Several PX20 Expansion Boxes can be integrated in a multirack system, so you never face restrictions on expandability.

Typical Fields of Application

  • Engine, powertrain, chassis, and body
  • Comprehensive closed-loop tests on ECUs, release/acceptance tests
  • Networked ECUs
  • Special requirements, e.g., with high system flexibility, or for high-current applications
  • Truck applications
  • Racing applications (Formula One, rally)
  • Electric motor simulation for hybrid or electric powertrains and electric steering system
  • Battery management systems
  • Mechanical test benches

Hardware Description
Form factor
  • 19” cabinet, 17 ... 41 U
Processor hardware
  • DS1006 Processor Board or
  • DS1007 PPC Processor Board
I/O hardware
  • Any number and type of dSPACE I/O boards
Signal conditioning
  • included
Substitute loads
  • included
Real-load connector
  • included
Failure Insertion Unit
  • optional
Integration of simulator extensions
  • optional
Integration of third-party hardware, e.g., load panels
  • optional
ECU connectors
  • One or more 90-pin connectors for each ECU (standardized)
  • Additional connectors optional
Break-out box
  • optional
OBDII diagnostic connector / connection to diagnostic tools
  • Standard 16-pin CARB connector
  • Diagnostic connectors (CAN, K-line)
  • Others on request
Truck applications-capable (24 V/36 V)
  • included
42 V-capable
  • included
Power supply (remote-controlled)
  • One or two power supplies for simulating 1- or 2-voltage systems

The simulation model runs on the processor hardware (single-processor or multiprocessor systems). dSPACE Simulator generates and measures I/O signals via the integrated dSPACE I/O boards. The signal conditioning, loads, Failure Insertion Units and power supply are also mounted in the 19” cabinet. The number of components, and their types, depend on your requirements and are configured to fit your application.

Connection to Host PC

All dSPACE software for setting up and controlling experiments or test automation runs on your host PC or notebook. The dSPACE Simulator hardware is connected to your PC via link boards (ISA, PCMCIA, or PCI).

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